SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid

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The SteelSeries Apex 5 is a remarkable gaming keyboard with fantastic features and proprietary hybrid mechanical buttons. These buttons have a satisfying tactile bump along with an audible click that is similar to Cherry MX Blues. As with other mechanical keyboards of the exact same lineup, it’s an OLED display which can be customized to display almost anything you desire. The computer keyboard is hugely customizable, and its software is intuitive and straightforward to use. There are not any dedicated macro keys for MMO players, but most gamers ought to be happy with the keyboard’s overall performance.


The Apex 5 is a large, full-size wired-only keyboard. It is going to take up significantly more space if you opt to use the included wrist rest. Its cable is rubberized and is not removable.

The build quality is superb. The base is plastic, but it’s an aluminium alloy top to give rigidity. It uses Doubleshot ABS keycaps, which is very good for the longevity of the key legends, and the keys are incredibly stable. It includes a wrist rest that attaches to the computer keyboard magnetically.

The keyboard includes a magnetic wrist rest, very similar to the SteelSeries Apex Pro, but it seems a little more plasticky.

The Apex 5 includes full RGB backlighting plus it can be customized with SteelSeries’ Engine software. The backlight of every key can be set separately, and you will find brightness settings on the keyboard itself.


Like the Apex Pro, this keyboard has many additional features. It’s an OLED screen which can be customized to show whatever you desire. You are able to get into the screen’s menu by long-pressing that the OLED menu button situated next to the screen, and also this particular button also permits you to control media playback.

The Apex 5 uses proprietary hybrid mechanical buttons. These buttons give tactile feedback in addition to an audible click to signify that the actuation, very similar to Cherry MX Blues. They do not need a lot of force to press on, and their pre-travel distance is a little lower compared to standard Cherry MX switches.

Typing quality with this keyboard is excellent. The hybrid switches sense very similar to Cherry MX Blues. Typing feels responsive and light but can be tiring over time in case you don’t use the wrist rest. The keys have a somewhat regular spacing, which is very good for typing accuracy, as well as the keys, are stable, without a sign of wobbling.

Typing noise with this keyboard is loud since there’s an audible click with every keypress; therefore, it may not be great for quiet office environments. If typing noise is an issue, the SteelSeries Apex 3 can be a better option, even though it uses rubber dome switches.

The Apex 5 uses SteelSeries’ Engine software for customization. Using this software, you can personalize the backlight of each key separately, in addition, to reprogram keys, set macros, and save profiles. The keyboard has onboard memory to store profiles and key assignments, but not macros. There is a cloud sync option also, but it needs an account.

The Apex 5 has decent compatibility. It works entirely on Windows, but Scroll Lock and Pause/Break do not work on macOS. All keys function properly on Linuxnonetheless, as the customization software is only available on Windows and macOS, Linux users will not have the ability to customize it.


The SteelSeries Apex 5 is a portion of a new breed of hybrid mechanical keyboards on the market. There is just a handful of these at this moment, like the Razer Ornata Chroma along with the Cougar 450K, although we have not reviewed them. Concerning typing quality, the Apex 5 feels more like a mechanical keyboard compared to one with rubber dome switches. Its clicky switches give satisfying tactile feedback along with an audible click that will satisfy most fans of Cherry MX Blues.

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SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid

The Apex 5 is an excellent keyboard for programming. Typing on this computer keyboard feels great and should not be fatiguing, and you'll be able to reprogram or set macros to some key on the keyboard. It is compatible with all desktop operating systems, but Linux users can simply reprogram keys together with the keyboard's hotkeys, since the customization software is only available for Windows and macOS.

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