Razer Huntsman Elite

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Razer has been a longtime unbeaten of its mechanical switches; however, the Huntsman and Huntsman Elite introduces the company’s very first Optomechanical switch. That is a mouthful to be sure, along with the way Razer’s new key change blends together mechanical components using freaking lasers is breathtakingly complex, but the one thing you need to understand is that this keyboard is insanely fast.

We have quite literally never typed faster on another computer keyboard — and beyond this, the Razer Huntsman Elite has delivered the ideal typing experience we have ever had.


Regardless of the Huntsman Elite’s epic ambitions, it is actually Razer’s smallest computer keyboard thanks to it being the company’s first frameless design. Additionally, it features one of the best sets of media keys together with three simple buttons for play/rewind and fasts forwards alongside a volume wheel which comes with a mute button in its centre. {Razer also cleverly sets the caps locks and another indicator lighting right over the arrow keys, an area of dead space which frequently goes underutilized.

Floating keycaps flicker over a jet black anodized aluminium keyboard deck, following in the tradition of other frameless keyboards. Where the design deviates is Razer sees everybody else’s lightbars and ups the ante with 360-degree track light. This includes – at long last — an RGB lit hands rest!

Even though the palm rest offers plushy support to our hands, we are not crazy about the metal edges enclosing the hand’s rest. If you are wrists often hang away and below the side of your desk, then you are going to truly feel that this metal edge is cutting into you all of the time.

The volume wheel is definitely the real treat here as it hangs off the edge for simple adjustments. As soon as you begin moving it, then the light within its internal ring varies into a pure white which increases in intensity as you increase the volume.


Razer is not the first peripheral manufacturer to come out using an optical switch keyboard; however, the Optomechanical switch has a particular form and is considerably faster than many others we have used previously.
If you pull off some of those Huntsman Elite’s keycaps, then you will come across a strange-looking purple switch underneath.

There is the typical plus-shaped peg in the centre, but surrounding it’s a box with branches attached to a metal bar that appears like it had been pulled from a takeout box. This entire upper-section is there to provide a mechanical sense as the base of the key switch is merely a spring, hollow space along with the lasers that push this optical switch.

Traditional mechanical keyboard switches typically bottom out against a metal (usually gold) touchpoint to make a complete electrical circuit and inform your desktop when to type a character. Razer Optomechanical switch fires precisely the same command except it uses a beam of light to do so, which is mostly quicker thanks to its speed of light being 186,000 miles-per-second.

Razer also formed the mechanical aspects of its new key switch following the best qualities of its competitors. Including the 45g actuation power of Cherry MX Reds combined with the clicky feedback of Cherry MX Blue and Razer Green switches. The Optomechanical switch also has a 3.5mm travel distance and 1.5mm actuation point that is almost as low as that of Cherry MX Speed Silver.

Razer’s Optomechanical switch may seem like a frightening chimaera on paper, but it works beautifully in practice. The mix of optical switches along with a low mechanical actuation level to our swiftest typing experience, however. All the while the Optomechanical switch delivers a satisfyingly tactile and audible click frequently omitted on the quickest keyboards.

All this rate comes in much handier for games, naturally. First-person shooters, and notably Mirror’s Edge, plays like a dream using all the Huntsman Elite. The gaming keyboard is incredibly enjoyable to use when playing with Hammond, the new Wrecking Ball feature in Overwatch, to make absolutely circular death cyclones around catch points.

Final verdict

{Forget about Cherry MX Speed or some other keyboard change, Razer’s Optomechanical switches are easily the fastest gaming keyboard buttons we have ever typed on. The Razer Huntsman Elite is the nearest thing we have seen to a totally laid out keyboard.

Obviously, it is not entirely perfect since the keyboard needs a lot of energy and losing two USB ports is a significant inconvenience. In addition, we feel Razer should tweak the ergonomics of this hands rest. And of course, $199 is a remarkably steep asking price for a gaming keyboard as right as this.

Nevertheless, we had personally would splurge earlier to a Huntsman Elite than some of the new top, top-shelf peripherals. The Optomechanical switch is merely unbelievable. Razer may have set out to build the world’s fastest gaming keyboard, but the Huntsman Elite also delivers to the very best typing experience you may find now.

7.5 Total Score
Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite merges the best qualities of numerous mechanical switches using lightspeed optical technologies, for the fastest and most satisfactory typing experience yet.

  • Fastest key actuation in history
  • Tactile and audible key switch clicks
  • Roughly perfect keyboard design
  • Requires two USB ports for power
  • Sharp edges on hands rest
  • Whiplash-inducing price
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