Razer BlackWidow Lite

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The Razer BlackWidow Lite is a superb gaming keyboard. It has the proprietary Razer Orange switches, which can be quite like Cherry MX Brown switches. It gives a fantastic typing experience using a tactile bump, with no clicky noise. The keyboard feels responsive for games, but its ergonomic design is unsatisfactory. It seems too high to type on comfortably during long periods, and a few may quickly feel some noticeable fatigue in the forearms. On the upside, the board is quite well-built, and it includes O-rings to dampen the noise of the keys.


The Razer BlackWidow Lite is a reasonably modest keyboard as a result of its TKL design. It’s simple to carry around, mainly because the cable is removable. This keyboard is wired only and can not be used wirelessly.

Though this keyboard is wired-only, the extended micro-USB cable is removable, which is beautiful and makes the computer keyboard more durable. Additionally, it is perfect for people that wish to use their own custom cable.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite’s build quality is fantastic. The keys lie onto a metal plate, while the keyboard’s main body is made from solid plastic. This keyboard includes ABS keycaps, which feel robust and have a wonderful texture. The board consists of a little bit of flex, and a few keys, especially the space bar, have some wobble.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite’s ergonomics are only subtle. The board feels really high and just has a single incline setting, which is quite small and almost useless. There is no wrist break, which would have been a significant improvement with such a high design. Fatigue can be felt quite fast when typing on this keyboard.

This keyboard has excellent backlighting. While it does not support RGB lighting, the robust white lighting seems fine and can be very helpful in a dark room. We anticipate the contrast with the light to be better using the computer keyboard’s black variant. It is also possible to quickly change the brightness setting right on the board. If you’d like a similar computer keyboard but with full RGB lighting, take a look at the Razer BlackWidow Elite instead.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite does not have dedicated media keys such as any additional keyboards, but you’re still able to control the volume, or mute, play/pause, skip tracks or command the backlighting {with|using} the’fn’ hotkeys.


The Razer Orange switches are designed to be quiet while still offering great tactile feedback. The pre-travel is quite low, which is very good for games. It seems quite like Cherry MX Brown keys, using a tactile bump and with no clicking noise like the Cherry MX Blue, switches have. It’s possible to cut back on the entire travel distance using the enclosed O-rings, but that will not alter the pre-travel space of this actuation force.

The Razer BlackWidow Lite’s typing quality is excellent but may be quite fatiguing fast, which could be a result of the height of the keys. They’re also close to each other, making this keyboard more prone to typos. On the upside, the keys are stable, but the stabilized keys such as the space bar have some noticeable wobble. On the upside, most people will not have any difficulties with the board design as well as the Razer Orange buttons provide a pleasing tactile bump that is more present than comparable Cherry MX Brown switches.

The Razer BlackWidow’s typing noise is rather silent and can be further dampened when using the added O-rings. This lessens the noise and the entire travel distance.

Razer Synapse 3 is merely okay. You can take plenty of different profiles set; however, there is not much to customize on this keyboard. You are able to program each key to whatever you need, but that is about it.
The keyboard is fully compatible with Windows, however, on macOS, then’ key, context menu, scroll lock, and also pause split keys do not work, which can be unfortunate. Additionally, though every key works on Linux, the software is not accessible, and you will not have the ability to customize it to your own preferences.


The Razer BlackWidow Lite is a superb gaming keyboard. Its proprietary Razer Orange switches are remarkably like Cherry MX Brown and provide a reasonably low actuation force, but you have to put a little more weight for over the bump of the keycaps.

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Razer BlackWidow Lite

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