Obinslab Anne Pro 2

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The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a superb gaming keyboard. This 60% compact keyboard feels quite well-built and looks slick in most computer setups. Every key on this can be programmed entirely, and it’s completely customizable RGB light behind each and every key. Although this keyboard can be obtained with a vast array of switch options, our unit uses Gateron Brown switches, which provide a fantastic amount of feedback and travel without being overly loud and provide the keyboard with an outstanding typing experience. Sadly, the size can lead to fatigue after long typing sessions, and also the deficiency of arrow keys may become bothersome.


Its frame is made from plastic but feels really strong and well-built. Each the keys have a small left and right wobble, but that is not evident when studying.

The ergonomics of this Obinslab Anne Pro two are fair. There is no hands rest along with the incline settings of the keyboard can not be corrected. It is a really compact computer keyboard which may feel a little cluttered and requires some time to become accustomed to. Additionally, there are no arrow keys, and you’ve got to use a blend of the Fn key along with the W, A, S, or D keys to utilize arrows.

Each key is independently backlit, and the keyboard includes complete RGB and brightness settings, using a white interior frame to assist the reflect light. Sad to say, the backlighting still is not smart enough to well-lit rooms, such as an office, even though you probably won’t want the backlighting in these types of circumstances.

This wireless computer keyboard charges by means of a USB-C cable.


The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is available in a number of distinct versions which have several different types of essential switches. Our device utilizes Gateron Brown switches, which provide excellent visual feedback that is somewhat smoother and mushier-feeling compared to any Brown switches. They’ve got a reasonable number of pre-travel, and the endless journey is instead a lot. This implies it must be more challenging to create typos, as you need to press on the key rather far before it actuates.

Even though the keys feel somewhat mushy, they are very stable. Because of Its compact dimensions, the keyboard will not require a little bit to get used to and Might cause a few muscle fatigue during prolonged typing sessions.

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 we analyzed is a rather quiet mechanical computer keyboard. As soon as it’s louder than a shallow profile, scissor-switch computer keyboard, it will not be quite as loud as a computer keyboard using MX Blue broadcasts, such as the Corsair K68 RGB, or in case you get the Anne Pro 2 which utilizes Cherry MX or even Gateron Blue switches.

Obinslab’s ObinsKit applications are superb. It provides an array of customization options, letting you reprogram every key on the computer keyboard, in addition to giving you complete control of this RGB lighting. The application only recognizes the computer keyboard when using the cable, and it will not if you are using a Bluetooth connection.

This keyboard is entirely compatible with Windows, and however, on macOS, the context menu doesn’t work.


The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is currently available in a Vast Array of alternate styles, from Cherry MX into Gateron and Kailh. The device we tested uses Gateron Brown switches, along with other versions, will bring about a distinct typing experience. The computer keyboard is also available in black or white.

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Obinslab Anne Pro 2

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