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Logitech has always been a pretty fantastic bet if you are in the market for a gaming computer keyboard, and also the G915 TKL is the newest in its own quite extensive line-up of versions: it is compact, it’s some smart lighting hints, and it supplies a super-premium appearance and typing experience.

The keyboard includes low-profile mechanical gaming buttons (in a selection of 3 kinds ), 1ms performance on a wireless connection, and a pair of dedicated media controllers.

It is possible to connect up the keyboard using a wired USB connection (it is the way that it recharges too ), then you have the choice of Logitech’s bespoke lightspeed wireless connection and Bluetooth — so it is possible to set up this to operate with two distinct computers, if necessary.

In terms of the keyboard lighting, you receive a whole host of different configurations to select from, all readily set together with the accompanying software. Could it be the following gaming computer keyboard which you invest your hard-won money on? Read through our inspection to discover.


It is difficult to whine about the design of this Logitech G915 TKL computer keyboard, which can be solidly built, fantastic to sort on, and completed at a top aluminium alloy on top having a steel-reinforced foundation beneath. It seems like the type of keyboard that may endure for decades, but in addition, it is relatively light and thin — thanks in part to the elimination of this number pad, which you may discover on the full-size Logitech G915.

We are big fans of the roller wheel on the top right-hand corner of the keyboard, which you can use to rapidly adjust the volume on a connected system, and despite the compact dimensions of the gaming keyboard overall, the keys themselves feel nicely positioned and virtually the ideal size to sort on.

Setup is as simple as plugging in the USB receiver (for wireless connectivity), or the bundled 1.8-metre (6-foot) cable — which strangely enough uses a micro-USB connection instead of the currently ubiquitous USB-C. It is a little problem, but it’s odd on something that expensive.

Downloading the appropriate software in the Logitech site was shown to be a little pain, but it did not take us over a couple of minutes. As soon as you’ve got it installed, you can alter the lighting system used from the computer keyboard, assign different tasks to various purpose keys, and disable any keys to stop you accidentally hitting them through a gaming session (and sending you turning away in the battle or back into the menu screen or anything like this ).


Our sample came together with all the GL Tactile switches, which provide an excellent balance between responsiveness and quantity — you do receive a satisfying clickety-clack noise as you type away on this keyboard, but it is not sufficient to wake up the neighbours.

The feedbacks are strong and powerful, and we must state that studying about the Logitech G915 TKL is a complete delight. Double-taps, minor taps and lengthy drives are all enrolled with unerring precision, and such keys are flawlessly for gaming – where accuracy and sensitivity actually counts. The press playback and connection buttons on the top are made from rubber and are somewhat less striking, but they do the work also.

A button press is all it takes to change between the proprietary Lightspeed connection along with the standard Bluetooth one, also in both cases, the connection is established quickly. There is a power switch on the top border of the keyboard too, for conserving battery life once the unit is not being used, which can be easy enough to find with your palms. There is no wrist rest included, however, so you are going to need to supply your own should you want one.

In terms of the Logitech G Hub software which you use to control the G915 TKL computer keyboard, it is a cinch to use, and you receive a multitude of colour configurations to select from — from using a fixed solid colour to using a rainbow of colours floating across your keyboard. On the whole, the light is quite clean and neat; however, there were several tiny areas in which it appeared to become less uniform than everywhere.


The Logitech G915 has been among the most fabulous gaming mechanical keyboards in the marketplace as it premiered this past year, and also this TKL version proceeds in a similar vein — it may be a much better purchase if you are after something that is cheaper and smaller, and you’ll be able to live with no number pad. While the RGB lighting demonstrates that this is mostly geared toward players, just about anybody who uses a computer keyboard will appreciate scanning this, and you’ll be able to dial down the light effects to a thing a good deal less jazzy.

We had no troubles whatsoever with establishing the Logitech G915 TKL computer keyboard, and if you are studying an article or playing any games, it is incredibly rapid and sensitive to the touch. The keys feel sturdy and well-constructed, along with also the selection of numerous lighting configurations only adds even more appeal to what is a beautiful piece of hardware.

On the downside, this is a costly computer keyboard, and you’ll be able to purchase a few of the opponents in the marketplace for less. The G915 TKL does not really tick all the boxes that you may want it to tick, and there have been a few very minor issues – such as a little bit of colour fade and micro-USB connection – which make us reluctant to provide the Logitech G915 TKL that the exact top mark.

Have no doubt about it; however, the drawbacks do not add up to much at all, and it is undoubtedly among the most fabulous gaming keyboards available right now.

9.5 Total Score
Logitech G915 TKL

The Logitech G915 TKL takes our favourite wireless gaming keyboard and causes it to be smaller and more affordable. With a slender but sturdy, portable frame and also the choice to easily switch from PC to PC and snappy low-price switches, it is the superior wireless tenkeyless for mechanical enthusiasts who can afford it.

  • Slim, sturdy build
  • Comfortable low-profile switches
  • Simple switching between wireless dongle or Bluetooth connection
  • No G keys for programming
  • No wrist rest or USB passthrough
  • Expensive
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