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Keyboards are possibly the toughest peripheral to estimate the gaming performance of. You receive an immediate sense of mouse agility and responsiveness, and you can definitely notice the difference in audio cue clarity between headsets.

And yet, regardless of the lack of practical performance information, you know when you have found the very best gaming keyboard for you. The shallow profile mechanical keys put on an elegant slender high plate makes for a far simpler typing experience than you will find on additional mechanical planks, and even though the aesthetic does not shout ‘gaming’ as loud as Razer’s boards, as an instance, Logitech’s new flagship wireless computer keyboard functions in addition to anything else available on the market.


It is well worth noting upfront that much of a computer keyboard’s visual experience is subjective – after all, that is the main reason for different switch options and the existence of a shallow profile board similar to this one as an alternate option to people with more profound keys and much more travel distance. What is suitable for someone’s fingers may not be helpful for a person’s, but it is somewhat more black and white when we get into build performance and quality, so let us begin there.

The keys are not set so low that they resemble an Apple keyboard and need the exact same amount of force, but using this shorter travel distance, they are especially zippier in their behaviour than other mechanical boards.

When it comes to design, what’s where you would expect to find this, and it’s spot-on. We are also big fans of this appearance, which appears to draw as many inspirations away from the gaming marketplace as inside it.

The aluminium plate is brushed and coloured in gunmetal grey. Over the regular keyboard, design lie needle buttons for recording and getting macros, buttons for Lightspeed along with Bluetooth pairing, a sport-style toggle and a lighting controller.


The sample we analyzed had GL tactile switches, which comprise a little notch at the switch and so offer a discernible’bulge’ as you press down so that you can feel precisely when the first press is registered. The closest analogue in the Cherry MX fold is your brown switch, though GL linear will also be available with this version.

In terms of wireless performance, dropout and lag are non-issues thanks to Logitech’s bespoke Lightspeed tech. As opposed to outsourcing the transmitters and receivers, they engineered Lightspeed finishing in house, from hardware into the firmware.

More realistic anticipation of the keyboard is that you will feel a bit lither on your palms, especially if you have entirely comfortable with the classic mechanical keyboard layout.

The G915’s game style can be configured with Logitech G Hub, along with the lender of G buttons on the far left also reveals useful in-game for mapping into, say, mouse DPI correct as an alternative to reaching an embarrassing thumb button on the mouse. Additionally, it is helpful for streamers who turn between programs such as broadcasting, communicating and playing.

Logitech G Hub is reasonably painless as peripheral programs move. In only a couple of menu clicks, then you are in a position to establish custom lighting approaches to substitute or complement the three defaults, tweak the key-locking behaviour of game style, and (with a few more menus to make a Logitech account) download other people’s designs and presets. You will also want this software if you would like to configure these G keys on the left-hand side.

The lighting itself may be sharper. As there’s the bright atmosphere between the key along with the plank, you do notice some mild bleed out of between keys; however, it is definitely not distracting or overbearing. You can also configure the lighting behaviour to sync with sound if you want, an innovative feature for sure, although not terribly helpful.


So is life better using a 249 keyboard sitting in your desk? Well, you are definitely not likely to see it mirrored on your stats; however, the G915 provides an excellent combination of error-free typing, speed, and relaxation. It seems smart and older in a way that very few gaming peripherals can set off, and so – filled with a wrist break – it is replete with whatever you can ask of a computer keyboard. You are not just slumming it using Razer or even Corsair’s marginally cheaper high-end planks in contrast, but for all those who covertly miss the equilibrium of the older membrane times, this really is a fantasy come true.

9.5 Total Score

Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard is brilliantly invented, a happy medium between comfortable and quick gaming performance and stable typing, with grown-up looks along with all the gaming features you'd need.

  • Cozy, low-profile keys
  • Great for gaming and typing alike
  • Beautiful slim design
  • Simple to switch between Lightspeed and Bluetooth
  • Expensive
  • Keys show marks readily
  • No pass-through
  • No wrist rest
User Rating: 5 (1 votes)