Logitech G Pro X Keyboard


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On the one hand, it is a streamlined, comfortable and vibrant gaming keyboard with a very creative central idea. The G Professional X is not only a tournament-grade computer keyboard; it is also a customizable powerhouse, permitting you to swap out every single crucial button in pursuit of the ideal gaming setup.

On the flip side, the G Professional X costs quite a little cash for a tenkeyless computer keyboard — and if you would like to experiment with other alternate types, the price could balloon by another $100. And while swapping out crucial switches is a fantastic attribute on newspaper, in practice, it is a tedious, exhausting procedure that’s somewhat vulnerable to collapse.


It is a tenkeyless peripheral using a plain black staircase and complete RGB lighting. There aren’t any additional keys, two buttons up to get a matching style (which simplifies specific keys during gameplay) and brightness. There is also a removable USB cable, which makes the device much easier to transfer.

The G Professional X is Logitech’s first keyboard with necessary swappable switches, which means that you can customize the sense of every of the apparatus’s 87 keys.

Therefore, if you would like to mix and match Red, Brown and Blue switches to match your play style, you can — so long as you are prepared to dish out $250 for the privilege. The swapping procedure is simple in concept plus somewhat complicated in implementation.


Since the G Professional X targets an esports viewer, it sports a detachable micro USB power cord and also a tenkeyless layout for effortless travel. That is all reasonably much like the first G Pro version.

What is new is that you are able to swap from the cables that are mechanical. If you pick up the GX Blue version and later on decide that Reds would suit you better, then you are able to spend $50 instead of buying a completely new keyboard. Or – and this really is actually the fun part – if you need various degrees of feedback in your own correspondence, number and function keys, you can mix and match three different key-switch forms any way you see fit.

Granted, I really don’t think most players would find this feature quite helpful. Everybody has tactility tastes, accurate, but I do not know how many men and women feel strongly about, say, a key feeling loudly and clicky and the spacebar feeling silent and resistant. It would also be rather costly, especially if you needed all three kinds of switch.

The G Pro runs to the Logitech G Hub software, which is a somewhat straightforward approach to program the function keys, command RGB lighting and set up profiles for individual games and programs. My only criticism here is that you simply can not reprogram each key, just the function keys. This is not actually an issue in other Logitech keyboards, but the entire purpose of this G Professional X is that it is possible to customize each key physically. It appears odd that you can not reprogram them too.


I analyzed the G Professional X with an eye on esports, paying particular attention to games such as Overwatch and StarCraft: Remastered. The keyboard performed in addition to another recent Logitech peripheral – that is to say, really well. The keys were speedy and responsive, whether I had been gunning down foes at a first-person shot or building a foundation in a real-time strategy game. As you may select your own switch kind, each gamer should find something which matches.


If you’d like a tenkeyless gaming console, I would attempt to pick up a first Logitech G Pro, mainly since its cost might decrease since the G Professional X becomes even more widely accessible. However, the G Professional X will find the work done if you have got the money to spend.

9.5 Total Score
Logitech G Pro X Keyboard

The Logitech G Pro X is novel, but it presents as many complications as opportunities.

  • Key switches feel great
  • Compact design
  • Novel Idea
  • Tedious switch swapping
  • Can not reprogram every key
  • Expensive
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