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While the excess pair of numerals can be convenient for touch typists, retail clerks and data-entry pros, players have started to understand that the far-right number keys do not do a lot to gain gameplay, particularly in the burgeoning e-sports marketplace. Every day players can find a less expensive keyboard which feels just as great and does as much, but sometimes when space is at a premium, possibly in a conference or at your house, the G Professional absolutely nails the little keyboard layout.


The G Professional resembles what would occur if Logitech were to shoot among its glossy Orion keyboards and just cut the Numpad using some type of high-tech paper cutter. It’s a complete choice of keys (minus the Numpad), as well as a secret that controls the light and one which triggers a Game Mode. If you are not acquainted with Game Mode, it stops you from clicking keys like Alt-Tab or even the Windows button, so you won’t inadvertently shut down your match midway.

That is most of what there’s to say regarding the computer keyboard’s looks. Rather than employing discrete media controllers, you may use the Fn key along with the upper row of buttons. While I typically prefer different controls, they are not in any respect required on a tournament-focused apparatus.

This is fantastic for travelling; however, the tenkeyless Razer BlackWidow Chroma includes a carrying case also, placing the G Professional a tiny bit behind the curve. You will either need to continue to the box or put money into a different matter.


It’s possible to program the F1 through F12 keys, in addition, to fix the backlighting and keep an eye on your stats (where your palms spend time, how frequently you pushbuttons, etc.).

Contemplating tournament players aren’t permitted to program keys or operate proprietary software, there is just one attribute here that actually bears mentioning. There is one onboard profile to the G Professional keyboard, such as the one Logitech frequently provides in its mice. This profile shops one light profile, meaning that you can hook the computer keyboard to any personal computer and have it keep any crucial colours which you care to the app.

I am not positive whether this represents a bona fide”Big Deal,” but it is a beneficial feature, mainly because the computer keyboard’s default colour wave could be a bit distracting, and turning off light makes the external sense just a small plain. My only criticism is that it took me time to work out how to conserve profile. This alternative is generally on the home display in Logitech’s program, but it’s below the lighting department and accessible just for important static colours, not side effects.


I place the G Professional through its paces, with both e-sports and narrative-driven names, and it functioned well in both circumstances.

The keyboard’s compact dimensions is a blessing, particularly for the e-sports audience. It was simple to play with Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm using the computer keyboard right in front of me or away into the side at an angle; this manoeuvrability can be required, depending on how much space you’ve got in a championship. Otherwise, it is just as responsive as Logitech Orion keyboards, that have shown their value because of e-sports peripherals.


If you’d like a tiny mechanical keyboard that is acceptable for the championship scene and you do not wish to sacrifice performance or comfort, the Logitech G Pro is the one that you should receive. But if you want something more significant – or more affordable – for regular use, You May Want to go with something

But $129.99 is much to ask for a tenkeyless version; therefore, the high cost is well worth contemplating before taking the plunge. Otherwise, Logitech knows how to generate an excellent computer keyboard, and also the G Professional is no exception.

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Logitech G Pro Keyboard

For instances when space is at a premium, possibly in a convention or in your home, the Logitech G Pro absolutely nails the small gaming keyboard design.

  • Small and sleek
  • No extraneous buttons
  • Detachable cord
  • Expensive
  • No carrying case
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