Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

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With keyboards, you can hardly expect a good deal. So long as it does what it is supposed and it is comfortable to use, you then do not have anything to whine about. With gaming keyboards built for gaming, you are probably going to require a bit more – more significant actuation, high responsiveness, more precision, and naturally, RGB lighting – but the concept is pretty much precisely the same. It’s to do what it is supposed to do and if it is comfy enough not to result in wrist and finger fatigue.

However, with its Game Series RGB Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Havit has keyboards to another level, and it is so great, it is going to leave you wondering exactly how you have survived this long with no own features.

The Havit Low Profile Mechanical keyboard also offers full customization, and of course that a super compact and slim body, for an extremely immersive, seamless, and enjoyable experience. Let us get into details.


Slim, sleek, and powerful are the adjectives that come to mind when you are using the Havit Game Series RGB Low Profile Mechanical Computer Keyboard.

This beauty is really very thin at just 0.89 inches and quite compact in order that not only does this occupy less space in your desk, but it’s also portable. |} This gaming keyboard is considered entirely customizable, just like changing the RBG lighting and movement to assigning purposes.

It is also among the sleekest mechanical keyboards we have seen, less boxy as the others and using a tapered silver trimming around the edge of its otherwise average white lettering on black design. And needless to say, it is made from durable alloy, which feels well-made and difficult to bend, so that you are aware that it can withstand a great deal of abuse during gaming.

There is also the simple fact it is somewhat loud. Sure it comes with the territory of purchasing a gaming keyboard with Kailh Blues which are made to be clicky; however, these will also be the only sort of critical buttons on the Havit Low Profile Mechanical Computer Keyboard, and that means that you can not select something quieter just like a tactile or linear switch. Then again, even”silent” mechanical keyboards are somewhat louder than the membrane ones; therefore, crucial clacking sounds can not really be avoided.

In general, we are giddy within the Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard’s design, particularly when combined with its own features, which we’ll get to.


The Havit Low Profile Mechanical Computer Keyboard is rock solid in its own performance – excellent actuation mainly when gaming with a fantastic bounce back (though that natural bounce back is something which you would want to get used to if you are a mostly membrane keyboard user). There is not any discernible lag or latency, without any missing keystrokes even if you’re button mashing. In addition, it is super responsive when gaming and can detect any intentional presses.

When playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, by way of example, we could heal quickly in the middle of a massive battle by pressing F1, though we had been pressing different keys at precisely the identical time. {We’re able to throw our pickaxe at just the right time by pressing E to prevent from falling into our doom.

As it is a mechanical keyboard, it is more reliable, and of course much more durable and longer-lasting. Meaning that if you are playing a game or performing real productivity work on your own computer, it is likely to be much more accurate than membrane keyboards. That is because each key has its own switch, and some other presses are not as likely to be registered unless you are purposely doing it.

That is true with this particular keyboard. However, since it also boasts soft keys which are 7mm thinner compared to traditional mechanical keyboard keys, so it is so much easier and more comfortable to use. And since it is a wired keyboard, you won’t need to worry about battery life or connectivity.


In general, we can’t find fault in the Havit Low Profile Mechanical Computer Keyboard’s performance, and design, and of course are giddy within its amazing and fun features. It’s highly accurate, super responsive, and quite comfortable to use, which makes it ideal not just for productivity but notably for gaming. And if you would like the utterly immersive gaming experience, together with zero interruptions along with the RGB lighting effects {your|that your} heart may ever hope for, then, in addition, it boasts full programmable keys and light.

The best part is that they dropped the prices on these babies to $69, therefore with what you are getting from this little keyboard that could – out of excellence in performance to adaptability and flexibility in its own features — you are scoring a deal.

8.5 Total Score
Havit Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Who says you have got to invest more to get more? Havit's Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard proves that you can have everything: excellent performance, complete programmability, amazing design, and a price tag which will place its more expensive competitors to shame.

  • Short travel
  • Thin, sleek design
  • Fully-programmable keys
  • Loud
  • No multimedia buttons
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