FNATIC miniStreak Gaming Keyboard

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Commonly professional eSports teams have been sponsored by peripheral manufacturers who provide their gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, etc. for all these professional players to use. FNATIC went another route, and it has established their very own gaming”equipment” line named FNATIC Gear, offering mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads. Are these only cheap products together with the FNATIC emblem on them? Or are they quality gaming products created to provide you with a competitive advantage? Now we’re checking out our very first FNATIC merchandise, the miniStreak, which will be a tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard. It includes an anodized aluminium top plate, Cherry MX mechanical necessary switches, and full RGB backlighting backed up with some reasonably excellent software.


Taking the miniStreak from this box, the first thing that I discovered was that it had a weight to it, that typically point to high quality. The keyboard weighs at 702g and has recorded measurements of 360×194.5x36mm together with the hands remaining attached. The aluminium top-plate is kind of a dark teal colour, which can be unique and looks great with the essential black caps and black hands rest. This is the miniStreak it’s a tenkeyless, or TKL design, which is very popular with players.

It is possible to really fully empower the alternative function keys by pressing on the smaller function key on the top row. Additionally, there are smaller buttons on the upper right corner for mic mute, contest mode, and audio mute. Overall I believe that the design of these keys is tremendous and including the smaller keys retains the size of this keyboard streamlined and small.

The hand’s rest sits along with a detachable piece of aluminium and is held into place with magnets. The aluminium has grooves inside, which let you extend the hands rest to fit your hands perfectly. This is actually the first time that I’ve seen a layout such as this, and I really like it! You could even simply pull the hand’s rest and use it with a different keyboard in the event that you desired.

Last but not least there’s a detachable magnetic touch plate on the front of the computer keyboard. This can be backlit, and the default touch plate gets the FNATIC emblem on it.

Software and Lights

FNATIC has its own Softwares for their gaming peripherals known as FNATIC OP, which can be in”Early Access”. When you start the Softwares, you’re attracted to a home display that reveals the four items that use the OP Softwares, including the miniStreak, Streak, Flick2, and Clutch2. When you put over a device which you’ve plugged in, it is going to state”Customize”.

Eventually, you’ve got contest mode, which lets you disable keys on the keyboard, in addition, to set colours for each and every key. This is excellent when you’ve got a particular game you want to play and just permit the keys which you want in addition to colour-code things.

The lighting is excellent on the miniStreak and because the keys sit the deck just a little piece you’ve got a light bleed involving the keys, which I enjoy. Like I said that the magnetic signature plate sits along with a lighted section so that it lights up quite well.

Usage & Final Thoughts

I have been using the FNATIC miniStreak for the previous three months, and I must say from the minute I opened the box I was impressed with this computer, and I have reviewed quite a great deal of keyboards within the last couple of decades. FNATIC was first launched as an eSports team therefore that they understood about what makes a fantastic keyboard and it appears they have carried that over into the FNATIC Gear products.

The more compact dimensions and removable cable signifies that the miniStreak is not difficult to travel with. I also really enjoy the attention to detail about the design of this computer keyboard using its aluminium top-plate and curved corners.

One thing I must say about this keyboard is really that the hands’ rest, the plan and the way it is possible to correct it quickly is impressive and also make it no matter how big your palms are you really can make full use of the hands’ rest.

One thing companies haven’t done a great job with when it comes to gaming peripherals is their software; however, FNATIC’s OP software is actually lovely and straight-forward. It permits you to easily remap the whole keyboard, installation macros, change the lighting and more. It’s unquestionably one of the better implementations of gaming software we have seen lately.

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FNATIC miniStreak Gaming Keyboard

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