Corsair K68 RGB


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Sometimes it feels like keyboard models exist simply to exist, but Corsair’s K68 RGB mechanical gaming keyboard feels as though it’s a reason for being. The reason? To have a high-performing gaming keyboard which is not afraid of a spilled bottle of orange Fanta.

Corsair put together what is basically the run-of-the-mill RGB mechanical computer keyboard with Cherry MX Reds (or Blues instead of an option), then put in dust and water protection. And, it just costs a small $119.

The outcome is a well-priced, quality gaming computer keyboard with lots to relish from the appearance department and equally as much to appreciate in the performance department.


The Corsair K68 RGB includes a simple design using a boxy-shaped primary body of this keyboard that feels unbelievably sturdy. There are a number of sharp corners around the face and smooth curves around the bottom.

Besides the metal tread design of the room bar, there is nothing about the physical appearance, which are gamely.

The cable coming directly of the trunk is somewhat thicker than what we are utilized to, along with the USB link is reinforced slightly too much.

You will find legs on the base of the K68 RGB that permit for an extremely slight angle adjustment. Even though a snap-on wrist remainder is contained in the box, the soft, textured vinyl used for your wrist rest feels soft and is not really soft in comparison with something with a little more cushion.

The keycaps feel beautiful, with only enough of a concave curve to assist our palms in becoming focused. However, they do a lousy job of concealing dirt.


The highlight feature of the K68 RGB is its water resistance. Corsair handles this by enclosing the crucial buttons with rubber housings. The RGB lights will also be nestled underneath the exact same translucent wrapper, which generates an abysmal diffuse glow. The light is as high as we are utilized to watching Cherry switches, together with well-lit personalities on the peak of these keycaps and the lower half of these keycaps being not so well lit.

The Corsair Utility Engine (iCUE) is not the most friendly applications for customizing the look of the computer keyboard, but it will provide templates for fast customization, as well as the tools are there to design the light however you enjoy, Users may also connect profiles into unique apps, provided that you are prepared to spend the moment.


The Corsair K68 RGB provides as a luxury mechanical gambling keyboard. During our drama sessions, it never hitches, not retains a secret triggered after we have ignored, or releases a mystery we are still holding down from our testing the complete N-key rollover and anti-ghosting functions as advertised.

It seems as though there can be marginally more travelling ahead of the essential actuates, therefore we can more easily break our hands on the keys with no misfire. This produces gaming and studying experience entirely satisfactory.

The keycaps do possess the typical wobble we are utilized to watching on Cherry MX Red switches; however, the rubber insulation underneath the keys helps permeate the normal clack of a mechanical computer keyboard.

Obviously, boasting an IP32 score for water and dust resistance, the K68 RGB should experience a torture test.

In spite of water flow around this, the K68 RGB shimmers with its luminous backlit keys registering as standard (we wrote up this review utilizing the keyboard still leaking anywhere ). This ingress protection regrettably does not contain any type of channelling system such as Toshiba Thinkpad keyboards.

Instead, the water only pools until it flows across the edges of the computer keyboard. And, because the angle of the keyboard has a significant role in keeping debris and fluids away, you can not merely pick the computer up and shake it off.


The Corsair K68 RGB is a fantastic mechanical gaming computer keyboard made better using a water-resistant layout that may endure the occasional injury. When it might be made better by means of a metering system to acquire out fluids, the design remains more valuable than not.

The K68 RGB provides a comparable package to that which its opponents perform while coming in at a lower cost. In the event the wrist break was comfortable, and the personalization applications simpler to use, the K68 RGB might have stood out much more.

8.5 Total Score
Corsair K68 RGB

The Corsair K68 RGB gives a great mechanical keyboard and provides protection from spills. The comfort and customization software could be made better, but for the price, it is already offering more.

  • Quiet for a mechanical keyboard
  • Protection from spills
  • Reasonable price
  • Grease-magnet keycaps
  • Sub-par wrist rest
  • No drainage system
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