Corsair K63 Wireless

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The Corsair K63 Wireless is an excellent and flexible mechanical gambling keyboard. It’s linear Cherry MX Red buttons which feel exceptionally responsive, and it’s superb compatibility with different operating systems. It is designed to fit in the Corsair Lapboard, which offers stability and support while using the computer keyboard using a home entertainment PC, though it’s sold individually and we have not reviewed it. Regrettably, its backlighting is restricted to one blue colour, and it does not have onboard a cloud sync feature to automatically export your customization preferences. Overall, however, it is a fantastic alternative for gambling or workplace.


It is slightly larger than other TKL keyboards, since it’s an excess row of committed media management keys and will require more room if you opt to use the included wrist rest.

The framework is constructed from vinyl, that feels somewhat cheap, and also the keycaps are made from ABS plastic. It is very much like this Corsair K68 RGB; however, the keys feel much more secure, and the pins which link the wrist rest into the keyboard feel sturdier.

The K63 Wireless has excellent ergonomics. It includes a wrist break, but it seems quite cheap and is not the comfiest.

The K63 Wireless has separately backlit keys, and you’re able to control the brightness right on the computer keyboard. Regrettably, it is restricted to one blue colour. There is an Ice Blue version, which will be somewhat thinner, but if you’d like a computer keyboard with full RGB backlighting, then have a look at the Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

The K63 Wireless may join via its USB receiver or via Bluetooth, which permits you to set to 2 devices at precisely the exact same moment.


There are a couple of added features on this particular keyboard.

They need a little bit of power to actuate, particularly for linear buttons, plus they do not supply any visible feedback. The pre-travel space is a little higher than the customary 2mm, but it should not be noticeable for many people.

Typing quality is excellent. Key spacing is quite regular, which can assist with assessing precision, but there is no visible feedback to allow you to know when a key media was registered. It seems quite responsive, and it does not result in any exhaustion when typing for quite a while.

Typing with this keyboard is silent. You should not have any problems using it in a quiet atmosphere.

The K63 Wireless has excellent software support. It utilizes Corsair’s iCue applications for its own customization, which permits you to reprogram keys or place macros. You could also save profiles; however, there is no cloud sync alternative, and the computer keyboard does not have some onboard memory, so in the event that you have to move to some other pc, you would have to reinstall the applications and start repeatedly.

This keyboard features excellent compatibility with different operating systems. Everything works nicely on Windows, and even though all keys run correctly on Linux and Android, there is no customization program.


The Corsair K63 wireless mechanical gambling keyboard is offered in two variations, with the sole difference between them being the colour of the backlighting; there are ice and blue. While we analyzed the blue LED version, we anticipate the majority of our results to be legitimate to the ice blue version also. There is also a wired version of the keyboard, which includes red LED backlighting.

The K63 wireless was made to utilize the Corsair Lapboard, which will be intended to be used with home theatre PCs, as it permits you to sit on the sofa and have the appropriate support for your mouse and keyboard. It is sold individually, but it is frequently sold as a package with the computer keyboard.

But it is more flexible than other keyboards, since it may be used on a desk or together with this Corsair Lapboard should you’ve got a house entertainment PC.

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Corsair K63 Wireless

Its Cherry MX Red switches feel responsive and light, and it's backlighting for people who prefer to match from the dark. You are able to reprogram or put macros to any essential, but there are not any committed macro keys for MMO games.

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