Corsair K57 RGB Wireless


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Wireless gaming keyboards are getting more common, and that could just be a fantastic thing. But wireless gaming keyboards are also rather costly, as a result of their own mechanical switches. This wireless keyboard provides both USB and Bluetooth connectivity, complete RGB light, a pillar of keys along with a full media pub, all for less than half what most wireless gambling keyboards price — but there is a catch. The K57 employs membrane keys, which texture as mushy and unresponsive as some other typical office peripheral.


Measuring 19.0 x 9.0 inches using the wrist rest (19.0 x 6.5 inches without), it is almost two inches longer than any other high-end gaming keyboards. This is mainly to accommodate the excess pillar of macro keys, so measure your desk so before you purchase one.

It has got a black plastic chassis using a glossy bar on top that collects fingerprints like players collect unplayed Steam’s backlog. I favour quantity dials to different buttons; however, the press pub is fantastic to own, either way.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to switch between USB dongle and Bluetooth options. Overall, the K57 is a large, plain computer keyboard, but it’s everything it needs.


It is possible to program macros, reassign keys, and produce profiles for individual games and apps and adjust the exceptionally pretty RGB lighting.

While I am typically a fan of this iCUE program, something about it just does not play well with the K57. Reprogramming buttons looks a good deal harder than it ought to be. And, if you would like to prepare a shortcut on among those macro keys, then you need to go through a dull macro-recording menu – even for something as straightforward as a single keystroke or mouse button.

What bugs me about the K57, however, is that it does not possess the profound RGB lighting customization choices that come standard along with other Corsair versions. Corsair was among the first businesses to employ RGB lighting at a computer keyboard, and the light choices have always been profound – occasionally to a computer’s detriment, in reality, when that thickness overwhelms usability.

However, the K57 does not have access to some of them. Instead, you get nine specified colour patterns, and that is it. Ironically, a number of them are rather pretty, like a rainbow which ripples across your computer keyboard when you tap a secret. And, clearly, you may place any type of static colour you desire. However, in contrast to what Corsair lovers have observed before, it is a reasonably anaemic choice.

So far as battery life goes, Corsair quotes you can get around 35 hours with regular light and 175 hours together with lighting disabled. Frustratingly, the iCUE software does not tell you precisely how much battery that the apparatus has abandoned.


The K57 worked fairly nicely in-game, though I did get used to the rigid feeling of the keycaps. I reviewed the peripheral with Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear and Final Fantasy XIV to observe how well it managed different genres, along with the device performed reasonably well across the board.

I managed to fire my ability rotation in FFXIV correctly and dart around the map in Overwatch with no difficulty. I really don’t feel the keyboard is acceptable for high-level aggressive play, as you just can not hit these keys in rapid succession. For regular users, it is okay, though it’s likely to feel quite like any membrane model you have used previously.


The K57 does a great deal. It is stunning, it’s all of the correct buttons, along with also the wireless features are perfect. Nevertheless, the rigid, flavourless membrane keys bring down the entire encounter a top-notch, both for gaming and typing. It is difficult to justify spending $100 with this apparatus when only $10 more will make you a mechanical Corsair K63 Wireless. (It is true tenkeyless; however, your fingers will thank you) In the same way, you might find a wired mechanical Logitech G512, which also includes RGB lighting, for precisely the same cost.

8.5 Total Score
Corsair K57 RGB Wireless

The Corsair K57 RGB Wireless is well worth considering if you must have a wireless gaming keyboard for $100. Otherwise, you can get much better-wired versions for the exact same price.

  • Pretty RGB light
  • Helpful extra keys
  • USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Uncomfortable membrane design
  • Tedious software
  • Expensive
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