Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

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A robust mouse and keyboard are fantastic for improving your PC gaming setup, but stepping around stated peripherals can get costly, especially once you add a mechanical keyboard into the mix. Cooler Master has ever been one to place the game directly with cheap mechanical mouse and keyboard combos, but today it’s something for much lower budgets using its own MasterSet MS120.

Value aside, the MasterSet MS120 only will come with this type of spectacular gaming computer keyboard that we’d opt for this combo simply to get it by itself.


The MasterSet MS120 includes a streamlined and sharp-looking keyboard and an ergonomic, right-handed mouse that is guaranteed to please palm traction users.

Primarily, in a note, we’d explain the MasterSet MS120 gaming keyboard as being ‘tight’. The keyboard features a frameless design that is on par, or even smaller, compared to other compact peripherals, such as the Logitech G513 and HyperX Alloy FPS. Cooler Master also incorporates an aesthetic all its own, with angular lines to give it a much more pleasing shape than only a rectangle.

Surprisingly on a combo that this affordable, you get full RGB illumination with per-key customization – that is done through keyboard shortcuts without software insight. What is more, the hovering keycaps and white baseplate beneath the buttons help this keyboard really shine?

Obviously, if you not mad about patterned RGB lighting, you can set up the keyboard with pure static light or switch off it completely. Besides some light-up letters to denote gaming mode in addition to the Num, Scroll and Caps Lock keys, this is a very simple and innovative peripheral.

The MasterSet MS120 mouse is a right-handed, ergonomic pointer that seems like the spitting image of the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520. Besides the side traction being a sleek piece of vinyl – instead of some honeycomb layout — it is practically the Exact Same mouse down to precisely the same cheap, hollow feeling.

As we have mentioned in our previous review, we appreciate the mouse’s extended frame which provides support for our ring finger and a comfortable gripping point for our pinky, but it just feels too hollow for its own good.


The MasterSet MS120 keyboard may not feature real mechanical key switches; however, Cooler Master’s Tactile Hybrid mem-mechanical switches come damn close to emulating the experience. Each keystroke creates the exact same satisfying click we associate with Cherry MX switches, meanwhile springs beneath each key offer the ideal amount of resistance and a nearly instantaneous reset we love on a premium keyboard.

Additionally, it helps the Tactile Hybrid mem-chanical switches offer a deep 3.6mm of travel space paired with an ultra-short 1.2mm actuation point. The only bad thing we must say about the MasterSet MS120 keyboard is the fact that it is somewhat too loud, using a sharp squeak probably due to the plastics of the significant buttons rubbing against each other.

Unfortunately, the MasterSet MS120 mouse is a bit less to write home about. It gives utterly serviceable precision and responsiveness. On the other hand, the Avago 3050 Optical Sensor inside is simply able to reach around 3,050 DPI. This really is a mouse you will eventually grow from if its Omron microswitches are rated for 10 million clicks.


Only $89 for a gaming keyboard and mouse combo is a fair deal, especially when the keyboard is as high as other mem-chanical peripherals, such as the Razer Ornata and Roccat Horde Aimo. The added MasterSet MS120 Mouse is not just the best, but if you choose it or leave it, the mouse does an excellent job and increases the total package value.

If you are looking to level up your gaming setup, the Cooler Master MasterSet MS120 is a fantastic way, to begin with, a combo that is one of the cheapest of options.

8.5 Total Score
Cooler Master MasterSet MS120

Cooler Master's MasterSet MS120 is promoted as a gaming peripheral package, but the mem-chanical keyboard is actually great, we'd buy in the combo even though it did not include the middling gaming mouse.

  • Loud and tactile mem-chanical switches
  • Compact keyboard design
  • Vibrant RGB keyboard lighting
  • Squeaky keyboard sounds
  • Restricted DPI on middling mouse
  • No customization software
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